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Tuscan Recipes

1. Frittura di salvia. 2. Pinzimonio 3. Polpettine rifatte

Italian Antipasto

1. Eggplant antipasto 2. Mushroom and anchovies 3. Celery barchette
4. Crostini with mushrooms    

Italian Bruschettas

1. Bruschetta 2. Bruschetta Caprese
3. Bruschetta and caprino fresco
4. Bruschetta and fresh tomato 5. Roast pepper bruschetta 6. Bruschetta pug liese

Italian Sauces

1. Aioli 2. Bagna Cauda 3. Agliata
4. Pesto sauce 5. Anchovy sauce 6. Marinade for grilled fish
Aromatic marinade for grilled meat
8. Goat cheese sauce 9. Cucumber sauce
10. Sicilian sauce 11. Tartar sauce 12. Green sauce 1
13. Green sauce 2    

Italian Soups

1. Acqua Cotta 2. Licurdia 3. Ceci soup
4. Yota    

Garlic Infused

1. Bruschetta with beans. 2. Bruschetta with broccoli 3.
Bruschetta with mushroom
4. Bruschetta broad beans and pecorino cheese 5. Bruschetta with potato and cabbage 6. Spinach and squid stew
7. Spinach stew with saffron    

Basil Infused

1. Tomato salad with basil 2. Minestrone col pesto 3. Pesto sauce
4. Spaghetti a crudo 5.
Vermicelli allo scoglio
6. Wholemeal rice soup with broad beans
7. ‘Bagnetto Rosso’ sauce 8. Mozzarella cheese on toast 9. Mashed potatoes and basil infused extra virgin olive oil
10. Risotto all’ortolana    

Rosemary Infused

1.Rosemary bread 2. Rosemary soup with chickpeas and pasta 3. Marinade for ‘Row Fish’ Greek way
4. Rosemary potatoes 5. Lamb loin and new potatoes in oven 6. Bisi in tecia (stew peas)
7. Rosemary bruschetta 8. Rosemary foccaccia 9. Spaghetti with bacon and rosemary oil
10. Risotto, rosemary and lemon    
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